KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Review

Having a comforter is an excellent way to keep warm at night while you’re sleeping. Some comforters can get sweltering to stay under all night. Others can’t maintain the heat in, so you’re forced to use more blankets than you want. Using the KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter will give you the right temperature and give you excellent comfort. It is stylish and fits most king size beds. You won’t lose any sleep with this comforter. It will feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud with the blanket. It has a duvet cover to give you the ultimate comfort while you’re sleeping on it. It is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want a traditional down comforter. It is one of the best alternative down blankets on the market.

Highlighted Features​

  • It is incredibly soft
  • It doesn’t have a chemical smell
  • It has an excellent medium ratio of thickness to thinness
  • It is fluffy
  • It will keep you warm
  • You can wash it in the machine
  • 100% polyester
  • It won’t produce allergens
  • Alternative to traditional down comforters
  • Easy to dry in a dryer
  • It is a large comforter to fit on a king size mattress

It is Large​

The comforter can cover a lot of beds, including king size mattresses. The large area of coverage will fit your king mattress and leave you some extra comforter. It is excellent for curling up in without being exposed to the cold air. The large comforter gives you enough to share with your partner without struggling for extra coverage. The large down comforter will cover you and give you the extra warmth while you’re under it. The sharing ability will prevent your partner from stealing the comforter from you while you’re sleeping.

It is Easy to Clean​

A lot of comforters are difficult to clean and are too big for the washing machine. You can fit this comforter comfortably in the washing machine. It washes with cold water to get out any odors. It uses a tumble dry to make sure it is dry. You don’t have to hang it out to dry like with some other comforters. Since it is easy to clean, you can spend more time sleeping on it rather than washing it.

It is an Alternative Comforter​

​There is a difference between the alternative comforter and a traditional one. A conventional down comforter uses goose feathers or down inside. An alternative down comforter uses man-made materials to give you the warmth. The great thing about the alternative down comforter is you won’t have to deal with any parts sticking to you. The quills from feathers can poke out from the cover and poke you while you’re sleeping. It is a good alternative for allergies as well.

It is Comfortable​

​One of biggest factors in buying a new comforter is the comfort level. This comforter provides maximum comfort and is fluffy. You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable, whether you’re under or on top of it. It has an excellent balance between thick and thin, so you will be comfortable using it all year. The stuffing won’t shift around so you won’t have to rearrange the comforter while you’re sleeping. It is the ideal comforter if you’re looking for the maximum amount of comfort.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is very comfortable
  • The alternative material won’t produce allergens
  • It is 100% polyester
  • You can wash it in the washing machine
  • It will cover the mattress extremely well
  • The material inside won’t move around
  • The material won’t wear down in the washing machine
  • It is perfect for the whole year


  • It may not look like the picture
  • It may not breathe as well as some comforters
  • The stitching may come apart on some comforters
  • Fibers may start to come apart after washing it
  • The comforter may be flatter than expected
  • Some people may be colder
  • It may not fit on certain beds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it light enough to use during the summer?

A: It is warmer during the summer months and depending on how cold you get during the night; it would work for summer​.

Q: Can it be used by itself as a comforter?

A: It would work for use by itself since it is a comforter. You don’t need to add any blankets unless you’re freezing.

Q: Does it have loops for a duvet cover?

A: It doesn’t have loops for a duvet cover. You can fluff the mattress once a week by hand.​

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Final Verdict

The KingLinen White Down Alternative Cover is ideal for anyone who gets too cold during the night. It will keep you warm, and it is extremely comfortable. You won’t have to worry about losing any heat while you’re under it. It is a good comforter for keeping you warm. Since it is easy to wash and dry, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it. While some people did find some issues with the comforter, you should consider some things before purchasing. Overall it is a comfortable comforter that will keep you warm, especially during the winter months.

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