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Hi there, my name is Olivia J. Carlson and welcome to Comforter Lab.

What is more satisfying than a warm and welcoming bed? I’ll answer that for you; a comfortable down comforter. For those who don’t know what a down comforter is, you’re missing out.​

At Comforter lab, I am aiming to provide you with the best reviews to help you get the best down comforter. Whether you are trying to buy something special cozy & comforting then there is so much information.


That is my most ingrained belief and the whole project is supported 'The Comforter Lab'

People care about improving all aspects of his life, looking for the best and even making a difference with elements of distinction; but too often they forget to give it the importance it deserves one of the essential elements of your home and your life, the bed.

I think my reviews will help you for making the best purchase and achieve your goals.

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Olivia J. Carlson

Founder, Comforter Lab​