How to Sew a Down Comforter

Comforters are an excellent way to curl up at night and get a great night of sleep. There are plenty available, but you can find some material to create your comforter. You can mix and match different pieces together to make a unique comforter to curl into on a cold night. Learning to sew a new comforter can save you plenty of money and give you an excellent comforter. You can create one that covers different sizes of beds, which is handy for fitting any mattress. Your friends will be jealous when they find out you can sew your comforters.

Here are a few tips to help you sew your own comforter to fit any mattress.​

​Calculate the Comforter’s Dimensions

  • You will want to get the dimensions of the mattress to ensure you’ll have enough material to cover it. You can grab a tape measure to find out the exact dimensions. You don’t want it to hang too low off the mattress and make sure it covers the whole mattress.

Cut Your Fabric

  • Once you have the dimensions, you can cut the fabric to fit the mattress. Make sure it’s on a flat surface, mark your cut points, and use scissors to cut through the fabric. You can repeat this process to make the other side of the comforter.

Pin The Two Sides Together

  • You can use straight pins to hold them together. Make sure it is flat at the corners and they’re even. It will save you time further along.

Sew Them Together

  • After you have it lined up, you can start sewing the edges together. You can use a sewing machine to sew up the sides. You want to make sure the last 12 inches are not sewn together.

Remove Any Extra Material

  • You can run some scissors along the edges to get rid of any excess fabric. It will make your comforter look great.

Flip it Inside Out

  • You want to pull the comforter through the hole so the insides are now outside. It will prevent any stitching from fraying.

Sew Up The Hole

  • You can finally sew the hole up evenly. You’ll want to repeat some steps to make sure it is all put together. Once it’s done, you’ll have a new comforter.

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