What is the difference between down and down alternative comforters

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Down and down alternative both offer opulent warmth and softness for a cold winter. Both materials are lightweight, insulating and are often used in the making of quilts, jackets, sleeping bags and pillows. The individual quality of down and alternatives trap pockets of warm air, which provide insulation close to your skin. While downstairs are Mother Nature’s best thermal barrier, synthetics manmade have come a long way in imitating down feathers.


Natural down is usually harvested from geese and ducks. Goose down is fine and soft. The softest, finest feathers are collected for high-loft products, such as sleeping bags and jackets used to produce extreme weather conditions. Duck feathers are coarser but are much less expensive than goose down.

An Alternative bottom is made of polyester fibers strung together. Thin wires trap airborne road course does down, and create loft thicker wires. People with allergies often choose synthetic down, but some products made continue down by limiting a wash procedure to allergens.

Natural Down Facts

Although synthetic mimic products are lightweight and insulating properties, nothing is warmer or lighter than natural down. Down can also carry moisture from your body, which makes it a perfect choice for sleeping bags and outerwear. Down products have well cared for can last for years. However, you will take a long time down sleeping bag to dry when wet; The feathers can irritate allergies and, depending on the products you choose can require dry cleaning. Down comforters, pillows and jackets are often much more expensive than their alternative counterparts.

Alternative Down Facts

The alternative down does not enjoy the water, and may even repel water; open your wet sleeping bag, leave it in the sun and it will be dry by bedtime. Synthetic products are generally washed in the machine; it can go into the dryer and are hypoallergenic. Products made with alternative downstairs are cheaper than down and offer a wide range of prices to fit any budget, but they are heavier, thicker and stiffer than natural down and wear out faster.


When purchasing a duvet, check for a fill power of 600 or more. This gives your quilt ideal loft, which provides you with a softer, warm blanket. Although some people do not like seeing gray feathers with their fabric, gray down has the same qualities as white. Look for a blanket sewn with a grid, like the grid keeps in place and reduces cold spots. When purchasing a synthetic duvet, pinching the fabric between your fingers and rub it back and forth. Avoid as the filling is not smooth because it is likely to clump together over time.

Down Comforter Pros​

  • The durability of authentic down is that it is long-lasting
  • High-quality
  • Best for colder weather or those who like to sleep warm
  • Low maintenance, you won’t have to wash this as often as a standard comforter
  • Regulates temperature

Down Comforter Cons

  • The price, mind you, you’re paying for a high-quality product so it isn’t going to be as cheap as you’d like
  • Allergies, this product isn’t ideal for those who have allergies
  • Dry cleaned, when you do have to wash this comforter, it is recommended to take it to the dry cleaners
  • Not good for those who don’t like to sleep warm

Down Alternative Comforter Pros

  • Inexpensive, although it can be pricier than other comforters, it is cheaper than authentic down
  • Washable, generally you will have to wash in cold water, but for the most part it is an easy clean
  • Lightweight, if you like being cold at night, this comforter is for you
  • Hypoallergenic

Down Alternative Comforter Cons

  • Loses shape easily, because this is lower quality, it is easy for the comforter to lose it’s shape, especially after being washed
  • Not as durable, it can quickly shrink after being washed a few times
  • Not temperature regulated

I think it is safe to say that both comforters high quality. I’m not going to sit here and pick for you; everyone has their preferences, and we all have different standards when it comes to sleep.

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If you like to be warm at night, then choose the down comforter. If you have allergies and tend to get hot easily, down alternative would be the best for you. Keep all aspects in mind when you are selecting your comforter.

Sleep is becoming more and more important to public health. According to cdc.gov, 50-70 million U.S. adults have sleep or wakefulness disorder. 40 percent of adults sleep less than 7 hours a night. Why not make your sleeping environment comfortable and consider buying a down or down alternative comforter.

​Whether it be a down or an alternative down comforter, either will provide comfort so you can have a cozy and comforting night of sleep.Like bedding, everyone has their preference. Whichever you chose, it will be a lucky comforter.

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