All Season Down Alternative King Comforter Review

I’ve married for twelve years. During this time, a type of covert domestic warfare has constantly been waged. But the battle in my home is not being waged over money, motorcycles, other expensive hobbies, or quality time with the wife and child. Our battle is being waged in the bedroom. My wife and I simply cannot agree on one part of our bedding. We cheerily decided a set of high-thread-count cotton sheets. We pretty easily picked out some mid-range pillows and a couple of memory foam ones as well. I’m pretty sure we’ve been using the same lightweight blanket over our sheets for the full twelve years, if not longer. This is where we run into trouble - the comforter. I don’t recall every bed topper we have tried over the years, but I do remember a few of them.

First, we had a nice medium weight quilt that was very comfortable and warm. That one would up at Goodwill because it didn’t look right. I believe the next comforter was a fancy-looking one that was about eight inches thick. It was too lightweight, uncomfortable under your chin, and ended up on the floor most mornings. Next was an industrial size and weight afghan that pinned you to the mattress and woke you up drenched in sweat. We now have a goose down comforter tucked inside a brown denim duvet. The comforter constantly winds up in a huge ball inside the duvet and fails to keep us warm. I’ve done a ton of research over the years trying to solve this problem.I think I may have found a solution that is All Season Down Alternative King Comforter. Please check out the following review:

All Season Down Alternative King Comforter Features

This Comforter Will Fit Your Mattress

At 90 inches wide by 106 inches long, this king-size comforter will fit your bed. If my math is correct, you should get about 8 inches hanging over each side and the bottom, depending on how you make your bed. People who don’t bother with the pillows will have around 1.5 to 2 feet of extra material at the foot of the bed. There’s plenty of comforters here to fit your king-size.

Ideal Fill Weight For Maximum Comfort​

This comforter contains 100 ounces of microfiber fill. This adds up to an overall weight of around 9.5 to 10 pounds. This is an ideal weight for maximum comfort - not too heavy, and not too light. Fill is kept in place by an expertly stitched grid of squares. This comforter will stay put, but not pin you down to the mattress.

100% Polyester Microfiber Construction​

Superior’s microfiber blend mimics the properties of goose down, but will not affect people who are sensitive, providing relief from allergies. Additionally, polyester microfiber is resistant to dust mites and bacteria for additional allergen protection. What you have here is a high-quality comforter that all people can enjoy.

Machine Washable​

Not only is this comforter soft and warm, but it's also easy to care for as well. The included care instructions state that this comforter is completely machine washable, unlike traditional goose down models. Users report that it fits nicely into standard top-load washing machines. Tumble dry on low or hang out to air dry. No more special trips to the laundromat to use the oversize machine for your bedding.​

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  • 100% polyester microfiber for allergy relief
  • Dust mite and bacteria resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used in conjunction with a duvet


  • May be too warm for some sleepers
  • Some users report inconsistent fill quantities in the stitched squares
  • Some people had problems with construction quality after washing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Does this comforter have loops in the corners for tying on a duvet cover?

A:No, it does not provide any way to tie on the corners for a duvet cover.

Q: Can the king size comforter be washed in a home machine, or does it need to be taken to a laundromat for an industrial sized machine?

A: This comforter can be washed at home in a regular sized washing machine.​

Q: Is alternative down noticeably worse than real down for a light weight comforter? I want fluffiness and comfort!​

A: This is the best comforter EVER! It is fluffy and thick without those annoying goose feathers coming out. I highly recommend this comforter.

Q: Does this comforter leak or shed the way down comforters do?​

A: No. The polyester microfiber fill is completely sealed inside by the box stitching.

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Final Verdict

I am very impressed with the All Season Down Alternative King Comforter from Superior. It has that hard to find combination of proper fill weight, allergen/mite/bacteria resistance, proper sizing, and easy care instructions. And the best part is that it is very affordable compared to many other bedding products I’ve had in the past. I think the war is over. This comforter is a great value for your money.

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